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Early morning view from my corner

Next to the window, morning light flows over me as I sit in my green velvet wingback chair. Sipping cautiously on steaming cappuccino that’s warming my hands, I listen to early birdsong while breathing in the view of my backyard.

I’m in a little corner of my office.

But really, this particular corner is not my office. Oh, the rest of everything in the room is –the custom cherry file cabinet, the desk and the tall storage unit with bi-fold doors. But not this little corner.

No, here in this corner I’m not in my office. I’m in my haven, the place where I let my imagination have its way with me. Continue reading

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She's Lost Her Childlike Heart

She’s Lost Her Childlike Heart

I intentionally poked the bear. I wanted to stir it up, get it roaring fiercely at me, threatening to destroy me. My only comfort this time? That I did it on purpose. Continue reading

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My Inner Dreamer

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Digital StillCameraOn Sundays, instead of going to church, I meet with two deep friends. Our goal is to grow our souls in all the good things God has for us. We believe this growth leads to transformed lives – our own and then hopefully, the lives that we reach out to.

We share a meal. We pray.  We sing and cry. We laugh a LOT. AND we spend quite a bit of time… dreaming!  Continue reading

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