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Early morning view from my corner

Next to the window, morning light flows over me as I sit in my green velvet wingback chair. Sipping cautiously on steaming cappuccino that’s warming my hands, I listen to early birdsong while breathing in the view of my backyard.

I’m in a little corner of my office.

But really, this particular corner is not my office. Oh, the rest of everything in the room is –the custom cherry file cabinet, the desk and the tall storage unit with bi-fold doors. But not this little corner.

No, here in this corner I’m not in my office. I’m in my haven, the place where I let my imagination have its way with me. Next to my chair is a little bookcase piled with journals, songs, stories and worlds only existing, because I created them, because I made them up.

You see, in this quiet corner I am not an aunt or a friend or somebody’s project manager. Here, in this place, I am a maker-upper.

I Am a Maker-Upper

In front of me, only six feet away is the storage closet. What’s inside of it belongs to the office. But on the outside of it, on the front of the closed door, hangs a multi-colored post-it outline of the libretto I’m writing. Each piece of color represents one scene.

Post it Outline

Slowly my eyes travel over this post-it collage. All the color, all the black sharpie markings, represent a wonder-filled world. I gaze at large bold words written on each square sticky note, until something written stands out more than anything else.

“Elise Dreams of her Father”

I smile and remember my own dream, with my own Father. And then I decide. Yes, this is the scene I’m making up today. This is what this morning and this corner is for today.

And in this corner I will not lose heart. I will not be afraid or bothered or worried as I write about how my favorite heroine will one day reunite with her dad.

And as I write, I will become full and deep gladness will surge through my veins.


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Carla Porter writes, sings, designs architectural interiors and loves God, all in Los Angeles, California.

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  1. Really love this one. So much heart to create a living space to dream the possible into existence.
    Lovely and daring!

  2. Oh Carla I love this. I felt like I was there with you and enjoying this safe cozy creative place. I’m so glad you have created such a place, because of that I get to enjoy the stories and songs you write. You inspire me.

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