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I don’t have kids, but I AM the favorite aunt to my nieces and nephew.  And lucky for me, they’ve been busy adding children and spouses to our family. So guess what? A new baby just arrived! She is so beautiful.

The daddy of our new baby girl is taking time off from work. So for two whole weeks, they just get to be family together, without the long hours that usually keep Daddy away.

Thinking about this earlier today led me to thinking about all the young fathers in my family. I admire them, and am moved deeply by their determination – in thought, word and deed – to be the fathers their kids need. They are NOTHING like the distorted images of fathers presented to us in pop culture.

Oh sure, they make mistakes, a few stumbles. But their father’s heart keeps them showing up in the face of failure mocking them, trying to convince them to retreat from their family’s life.

The young fathers in my family are present. They are strong. They protect and  provide. And no matter how hard it gets, they don’t give up.


Today, while today is still today, I am honoring the dads in my family, as well as all those dads who are present and not giving up, by sharing this video. It is  of a song I wrote called Daddy’s Arms. I co-wrote it with Donna McAfee, the singer with the amazing voice singing our song.

Fathers – YOU are so important. Thank you for being there, for showing up and not giving up. THANK YOU.

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Carla Porter writes, sings, designs architectural interiors and loves God, all in Los Angeles, California.

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  1. Thank you, Carla, thank you, for honoring fathers with this post and that BEAUTIFUL song. I agree with you that fathers ARE important and they deserve to be honored, respected and cherished (held dear).

  2. Carla, you’ve totally blessed me with your very inspiring writing again! Thank you so much for giving honor now, rather than later, where honor is so desperately due! Honor to all the fathers who are present in their family’s daily lives, loving, cherishing, protecting, and providing for them, including our fathers, our dad’s! They all deserve that honor, our love, support and respect, as well! And that beautiful song says it all, it is like the most beautiful and delicious frosting on the top of the cake, that flavors every bite as you eat it! It should be shared with the world! You are a blessing!!! Love you, Melody

  3. Cynthia Blackwell

    The Eternal God is our refuge and underneath are the everlasting arms.

    The earthly version of the safety of our heavenly Father’s embrace is sweetly captured by the blog and song. Fathers of all ages need the exhortation you are giving them.

  4. hi carla – what a beautiful tribute, and an AMAZING song! lovely in every way and beautifully produced!

    • Thank you Rita!!!!!!! It’s my only song on any CD, but if I were to have only one song ever, on any CD, this is a good one to have.

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