Being Seen – The One Who Knows Me Best

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Digital StillCamera“I see you.” That is how love and intimacy are expressed among the aliens in the movie Avatar. I. SEE. YOU. It doesn’t matter that the female on the receiving end of this sentiment is blue, gigantic and strange looking. When she hears this from her beloved, we all see her beauty shine forth.

Although I love the movie Avatar, my favorite, “I see you,” scene was written about 2000 years ago, way before James Cameron ever thought of writing that line into his script. The scene is found in the bible (John 4) and it happens here on earth, with a guy named Jesus, in a land called Judea and it’s a true story. 

The back story of this scene is this: Jesus has been saying and doing some astounding things. He’s turned water into wine. He’s been making sick people well and crazy people sane. When he’s around, blind people become seeing people and dead people become alive people.

So in the Judean countryside, Jesus has a lot of people’s attention. Some were there to see more miracles and that was all they were excited about. But there were many, so many, who were ready to hear what this man had to say.

And those who seemed the most ready, were those who seemed the most hurting. Like the woman at the well.

How many times can a person handle having their heart broken?

Jesus met the Samaritan woman at the well when she was in the midst of her fifth marriage. But actually, at this point in her life, no one saw her relationship as something honorable like marriage. Especially not her. At best, it was an arrangement. Nothing more serious than that. All she had was a warm body next to her at night, someone to help pay the bills. And she knew where it was all headed. Eventually that warm body would leave. Eventually, because that’s what they all did. They all left.

One day, being alone will be her only option.

And then Jesus shows up. This famous guy, this guy doing miracles all over the place. He shows up and starts talking to HER.

When he speaks she discovers something amazing. He knows all about her! But there’s no condemning finger pointing out her failures, telling her to shape up or hell awaits. No! Instead, her life and its brokenness are accepted by Him as what has been has been. His focus is on her, not her failures.

Her failures are not her identity. He knows her. He KNOWS her and SEES her! And this thrills her. She’s not alone. She’s not invisible. She’s not without a voice. Somehow, someway this man, this Jesus, this special important miracle worker the people all talk about, knows and sees her. 

Now she knows. She’s important. She’s special. And she knows it’s not all about her or just for her, because she wants everyone in her town to experience Jesus too. So she runs off to tell everyone.

Her message? Come meet Jesus.
He knows everything about me!

I love the woman at the well. In fact, I am the woman at the well. Jesus knows everything about me, the stuff that is really, truly me. My failures? NOT me. My brokenness? NOT me. My sin? NOT ME!!

Instead, he keeps unfolding new facets of the true me, facets of me that have always been there, facets that I actually find… beautiful, desirable, honorable, fun, funny, impressive. And yes, glorious.

I’m still not comfortable with shining out loud for everybody to see, BUT Jesus is making me WANT to be comfortable shining.

So… here’s to a year of SHINE, from me to you,


My One Word Shine 2013

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Carla Porter writes, sings, designs architectural interiors and loves God, all in Los Angeles, California.

© 2013, Carla Porter and Whisper of Grace, all rights reserved. 

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8 responses to “Being Seen – The One Who Knows Me Best

  1. Time for a book maybe. Love that the movie did not take up too much space, just enough!
    You’re a natural blogger! a hypenate ! As I noticed years ago.
    Love, Yolanda

    • Yesterday evening a word popped up on my inner radar, thanks to a friend talking about something else. Antinomianism. It’s derogatory in Christian circles and refers to teachings that cheapen the grace Jesus paid for. You know… where anything goes! No moral law applies. Hmm. I think I need to explain why I say MY sin is NOT mine. Thanks for your support!!!

  2. Carla, I thank you for this gift. Your words resonated with me and my heart and tears are welling. I am thinking about your Sundays. We need to talk abou that! 😉 XO

  3. Sharon Gullikson

    Carla, I’m reading all of your “old” posts to catch up quickly. Just a quick note, even though you no doubt know this: You have been forgiven. You don’t have to confess to others whichever sins you have committed. So many Christians believe that they aren’t really repentant (or forgiven) if they don’t tell everyone about their sins. It’s between you and God. He forgives and forgets, others may not….

  4. My absolutely favorite thing that Jesus ever said was, “It is finished!”

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  6. Carla
    I love how you captured that moment with the woman at the well.
    He accepted her past and her failures as what has been has been.
    Your way of writting this really touched me but that one part
    touched me the most. What a Savior we have. I am so grateful
    He has looked past all my stuff and simply sees me.
    Thank you for sharing this.

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