Hunting Down the Passion Killer

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Kauai DawnI don’t do well with to-do lists. Because I’m task oriented, lists announce defeat. They say, “Here’s all the stuff you haven’t done.”  Who needs that?

So for 2013, I’m not making a list of resolutions. Instead,  I’ve decided to do what a whole bunch of other people are doing. I’m just choosing one word, and one word only. This concept is from My One Word. And they’re crazy enough to declare to the world at large that you can change your life. With just one word.

Really? Could this possibly be true. Just one word will change your life?  Well, if God is involved, yeah. I think so. He can do the impossible, right?

And one word IS too short to be a list.  So there’s no overhanging cloud, warning of failure to come. It only offers a promise of a transformed life. How irresistible!

So I opened up my spirit and my mind, to see what “one word” would show up. I played around with some really good ones. Believe. Hope. Trust. Dream. BUT those were not right. They just didn’t fit. Then, while I was doing something else, not even thinking about it, the word showed up.


I should have known!

You see, I’ve been on the hunt now for more than a year, specifically looking to take out the very opposite of Shine. In my opinion, the one thing that opposes Shine is anything that resembles an ugly pointing finger of accusation aimed at me. I’ve discovered that this finger doesn’t really come from people. It really comes from a nasty, ancient being who’s goal is to keep me in the dark, hiding in the shadows with shame, fear and bad feelings for no good reason. So the finger is going down, down, DOWN!

I mean c’mon. Jesus said, “It is finished!” and I’ve decided to take him at his word. There is no reason to run and hide. He did what he did so I could be who He made me to be – in all my glorious, shining, unapologetic  (and sometimes messy) self. How great is that?

So here’s to shining. Here’s to being glorious.

Won’t you join me?


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Carla Porter writes, sings, designs architectural interiors and loves God, all in Los Angeles, California.

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5 responses to “Hunting Down the Passion Killer

  1. Carla—-Such a great blog & post. I love the title and the conversational tone of your post. It drew me in and I related to your experiences. You’re a natural storyteller and I’m looking forward to reading more.

  2. Carla–I WILL (and already have!) join you! As you know, you inspired me to one word for my own year’s theme! It is such a challenge for me but I know, with God’s help and your encouragement, I am making progress! Thank you for being the inspiration in my life and for always LISTENing to me! I love the way you write! SOOO conversational and I can hear your voice so clearly!
    Thank you for this! Much love! <3

  3. Sharon Gullikson

    I like your idea. It’s funny about the list–I see lists as positive. But then my lists are achievable for me (not things like climb Mt. McKinley, become a neurosurgeon, etc.). Lists encourage me to get things done, and I feel good because I have accomplished a lot. But I can understand why a list would be a bad thing for some people. I don’t know if you intended for your new blog to be a conversation with your readers, so I’ll just say one more thing. The ugly pointing finger can also be my own finger, or someone else’s pointing at me, accusing and being unforgiving. I’ve had a hard time forgiving myself, and then having someone else not forgive me. Once I really realized that God forgave me, I was able to forgive myself. It’s sometimes hard for others to let some things go, though. But if that other person is a Christian, he/she should realize that if God is willing to forgive, he/she should, too. I hope this makes sense—I’m usually a better writer. But I’m in a hurry……

  4. YES to the conversation!!! YES, yes, yes yes on everything you say about how THAT finger can be MY own. You sound like you are such a good place. In Isaiah 58 it talks about what God is really looking for, rather than observant religious behavior. What has been sticking out for me is how he says, “When you remove the pointing finger from your midst.” I’m on the lookout for the finger that not only points at me, but the finger that comes from, pointing at others.

  5. Deep…deep wisdom here!

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